The Camp Kuleshov trailer competition for emerging creative artists has announced its winners of The Lev, its top prize for each category, which is named for the Russian film and editing pioneer Lev Kuleshov. 

The Lev winners are chosen from among the category winners in Editing, Graphics, Sound Design and Music Score,  as determined in both AICP Chapter and At-Large competitions. 

This most recent crop of Lev winners includes Spencer King of Northern Lights for Editing; Harrison Gill of Optimus for Sound Design; Marly Koven of Flavor for Graphic Design; and Maddie Strong of Cutters Studios for Music Score, which debuted with the 2023 Camp K competition. 

Northern Lights’ King won on the strength of a mash-up of House Party Unfaithfully Yours and Demon Seed, styled as a mind-bending Christopher Nolan time-travel suspense film. For Sound Design, Gill secured the Lev with his take on the 1974 classic The Conversation, starring Gene Hackman and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, as a horror film. 

Koven of Flavor earned her Lev in Graphics with her take on the titles and graphics for the sci-fi drama Melancholia, directed by Lars von Trier. And in Music Score, Strong of Cutters Studios won with a score for the Coen Brothers crime thriller, No Country for Old Men.

All Lev winners, along with each 2023 Camp K winner, can be found here. The Lev winners receive a $1,000 gift card courtesy of Musicbed + Filmsupply, an AICP Supporting Partner. In addition, Musicbed provides selections from its music library to Camp K entrants at no charge.