In collaboration with its creative agency BarkleyOKRP, seafood brand Red Lobster is starting a fresh chapter with this brand new Crabfest campaign, featuring hype-man and American rapper Flavor Flav. 

The campaign launches as the seafood brand seeks to continue writing its story following filing for chapter 11 last month - news that sent the Internet into a tailspin, according to Buzzfeed, and rallied many passionate fans from Tank (no relation to lobster tank) to the one and only, Flavor Flav himself.

Red Lobster – Crabfest

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Flavor was so distraught in fact, that he not only shared his dismay across the internets, he also reached out directly to the brand to offer his help. And as if that wasn’t enough, Flavor Flav started visiting Red Lobster restaurants across the country - oftentimes ordering the “whole menu” to show his support. While some news outlets may have suggested that “Red Lobster’s going away!” your boy Flavor Flav is saying - “not today!”

Leveraging the next promotional window, Crabfest, Red Lobster and BarkleyOKRP capitalised on the moment (pivoting away from the previously approved creative at the last moment) and injected some bold 'Flavor' into the work, with fresh :15 and :30 second spots featuring the rapper, as well as social videos produced by Flav himself. 

Sara Bittorf, Chief Experience Officer at Red Lobster added: “We love seeing our fans show up and rally for us, so when Flavor, Flav reached out, we answered the call and invited him to join us in reminding fans we’re here to stay.”