Joining Argentinacine is Cinzia Pedrizzetti, who started her career as a director and photographer in 2007 after working as assistant director for some of the most iconic Italian videoclip and advertising talents. 

Her debut short film Paillettes was selected at the Venice Film Festival. Since then, Cinzia begun to shoot for the advertising industry, creating successful campaigns for brands like Pirelli, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Ferrero, Nestle, P&G, Yoox and ENI to name a few.

Pedrizzetti's work is characterised by a realistic and natural touch mixed with a strong visual style. She loves to shoot powerful crazy shot of cars and sports. 

Pedrizzetti lives mostly in Milan, but her love for travelling brings her to shoot in different countries like Argentina, Canada, USA, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Germany, France and Japan. Cinzia recently won a Gold Addy Award at the America Advertising Awards Us for his commercial for John Deere.

Her photographic project’s Possession is being published on many important magazine such as: Vogue, Rolling Stones, Vanity Fair to name it a few. And she had a big exhibition in Triennale Milano for month then a month.

Pedrizzetti is actually working on her first feature film.