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'Diversity', 'disability', 'inclusiveness' are big business buzzwords these days, but as this sardonic mockumentary shows us, many companies are content to simply talk the talk rather than take meaningful action.

As the titans of industry gather in Davos this week for the World Economic Forum annual summit, DIVERSish takes a satirical look at businesses that call themselves diverse, but overlook, ignore or postpone anything to do with disability. The campaign coincides with the launch of The Valuable 500, an initiative which challenges 500 global businesses to commit to putting disability on their board agendas in 2019.  

AMV BBDO, who created the campaign, have penned a corker of a script (sample howlers include "I think 2019 is going to be an exciting year... to be disabled" and a boss introducing his wheelchair-bound employee, Bill, "who's paraplegic - isn't that right Sharon?"), and Outsider director James Rouse has wrung some brilliantly straight-faced performances out of the cast.

The campaign also includes a slew of social films [below] featuring companies named in the 'Top 100 Diversish awards', which delve deeper into the problematic diversity and inclusion practices - such as accessibility issues in shops and businesses, and the lack of clothing lines designed specifically for disabled people - that The Valuable 500 aims to end.


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