If you were lucky enough to attend today's Future Lions Seminar at the Debussy Theatre, keep schtum, we're just about to announce the winners of AKQA Future Lions event.

As the 13th official student awards of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, this year's Future Lions attracted more than 2,290 participants from 386 schools across 55 countries, making it the biggest show to date.

This year's theme was Create Tomorrow. Entrants were encouraged to use new technology, like AI, alternative energy sources and blockchain, and weave it into their storytelling (more info here).  

Berghs School of Communication was named Future Lions School of the Year, having received more shortlisted finalists than any other school, making it the fifth year that the school took home this prize.

The five winning ideas and teams are listed below, with each collecting a trophy on stage from the event hosts, AKQA Group Creative Director Michelle Lassman and AKQA Head of Technology Jo Hickson.


Apple; Hush

Team: Junggle Kim, Chaeyeong Seo, and Cristina Marquez Barreto

School: Miami Ad School Hamburg


Google and Conversation; Trashcan

Team: Emily Alek and Jingpo Li

School: Syracuse University, United States


Facebook; Truth Detector 

Team: Felipe Latgé, Davi Correia, André Pico, and Bruno Buhr

School: ESPM, Rio de Janeiro


IKEA; Tittut 

Team: Yerin Kim, Woo Jae Yoon, and Hyei Min Park

School: School of Visual Arts, United States


Natwest; Financed by the Sun

Team: Alexandre Oliveira and João Muri

School: Miami Ad School, Rio de Janeiro


“Future Lions encourages students to embrace new technology and choose the most exhilarating and distinctive path for brands," said Jo Hickson. "This year’s winning ideas rose to the challenge by providing innovative technology concepts to brands that will have a positive impact in the world.”


To learn more about the 2018 Future Lions winners, visit: Future Lions.