It was a good weekend for the Knowles; not only did Beyonce smash Coachella with her star-studded, high energy performance, but Solange directed a performance piece for Uniqlo.

Created together with Droga5, the art project - known as Metatronia - was unveiled in Los Angeles' Hammer Museum on Friday night. 

The youngest Knowles, who has emerged as a singer and songwriter in her own right, has previously dabbled in directing, having helmed Sza's promo for The Weekend and her own Cranes in the Sky track.

For Metatronia, Solange worked with choreographers Gerard & Kelly to create a dance piece, that echoes the abstract aesthetic she adopted in her A Seat at the Table album. She also co-edited the work.



The piece showcases Uniqlo's latest activewear collection and continues the brand's Art and Science of LifeWear series, which spotlights the fabric technology used by the company.

Friday's exhibition of Metratronia saw Solange turn up to the museum, followed by a performance with the dancers featured in the film. The scultpure in the spot titled Metatron's Cube - also conceptualised by the musician-cum-artist - will also tour the US following its Friday premiere.

“In the past I have designed my sets and sculptures to exist in relationship to my performance pieces," said Solange. "I’m excited about transitioning into creating larger scale works that have the duality of existing as part of a performance and then as a standalone sculpture that can be engaged with by the public."

Watch the full film here.

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