VICE UK and Panasonic Lumix have partnered to launch VICE Film School, a programme to assist young documentary filmmakers across the UK with support and guidance from a leading youth media brand, as well as a major tech company.

The first part of the collaboration is filmschool.vice.comwhich acts as a resource for aspiring filmmakers, providing them with advice, behind-the-scenes looks into some of VICE's most successful pieces, and tips and tricks from professionals to help them create their masterpieces and navigate the industry. The site will also feature access to the 'Kit Room,' which is a database of tutorials of how to shoot a documentary with Lumix lenses.


Additionally, VICE Film School has its own talent programme called WonderVisions Workshop. From April 2018, amateur documentary filmmakers are encouraged to pitch short film ideas to the website for the chance to win the chance and resources - including a £15,000 budget - to create their first film. The programme will also grant four other filmmakers a full Lumix G camera package and a one-day workshop at VICE.

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