06.00: By nature, I’m an early bird. I adore my mornings. In particular, being jabbed into reality by my feline alarm clock, Chop.

06.30: I make a point of trying not to check any messages until I’m in the office. But I do -without fail- make myself a cup of earl grey tea and flick through the daily headlines via Flipboard. 

07.00: I drag my whole body kicking and screaming to yoga. It’s taken me a few years to really understand the whole yoga buzz but, at De Nieuwe Yoga School one particular yogi keeps luring me back. Namaste Isabelle. 

08.45: Once I’ve turned myself around, it’s off to work. I am convinced that the residents of Amsterdam have the best commute in the world. Short, extremely quiet and simply stunning.

Mine is approximately 4 minutes long door-to-door via a route of chocolate box canals. Which even after 4 years of living here come (mostly) rain or shine – still dazzle me. 

09.00: Time to dive into those emails. I attack this in the same way every morning. Coffee in one hand, note pad in the other. I make myself a to-do list for the day and then pop those to-dos into my calendar. 

12.00: Time for a quick meeting with the production team to check-in on ongoing and upcoming projects. I missed the monochrome memo today. 

13.00: Quick coffee meeting with the lovely folks from Glug. Caffeine brought to us by local hotspot, The Hoxton.

15.00: Another meeting! Back into the studio to brief our Head of 2D, Aleksandar Djordjevic and CG Lead, Willie Torres on their upcoming jury placements and interviews. If I can get a word in ;-)

16.00: We have a room in the building aptly nicknamed ‘the snug’. If I’m not out and about in meetings I usually hangout in here with a phone glued to my ear as our New York and Mexico studios start stirring, and my day starts again.

18.30: The day ends and the night time begins.  The beauty of living in a compact city like Amsterdam is that nothing is ever far away. This means there is always something interesting and fun going on right under your noise. This evening I’m off to ex-Anatomical pathology laboratory turned indie cinema, LAB 111 to catch up on some David Lynch. 

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