Rankin Puckers up for International Kissing Day

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Tongues at the ready, it’s International Kissing Day, which means you need to prep, pout and pucker up to send those kisses out into the world.

Rankin’s agency, The Full Service, has created a fun and flirty spot to celebrate the occasion and encourage people to #GetSnogging today.

Enlisting 20 directors from various production companies to take part and shoot a kiss, the main spot above is a compilation of their different works - ranging from the extreme to the sublime, with kinky kisses, underwater smooches and pecks with pets.


The following directors took part in the challenge, submitting kissing shorts to sit in the mix.

Rattling Stick’s Ed Morris, Doorways (below)


Moxie US/Merman’s MJ Delaney, The Kiss

1stAveMachine’s AJ Smith, Plug Love

Elliott Wilcox, Brick Lane

Tonic Repsresents’ Kate Bones, 3D Kiss

Iconoclast’s Jenn Nkiru, Black Love

Ozzie Pullin, Love Thyself (below)


Partizan’s Sing J Lee, Love From The Cutting Room Floor

Fenton Bailey, Unseen Scene

James Copeman, The Kiss & Did You Pull?

Jordan Rossi, Kiss

Kassandra Powell, Hay Fever

Remi Laudat, The Hunt

Jasper Cable-Alexander, Séduction Avec Un Bisou

Trevor Melvin, Thunder & Riot of Emotions

Riff Raff’s Sam Walker, Kiss (below)


Fat Lemon’s Fern Berresford, Fragile Things

Giles Lovell-Wilson, Peppermint Man

Vicky Lawton, If The Van’s A Rockin’

Rankin, For the Love of Songs 


So grab your nearest and dearest and give them a snog. Whether you do it in public or tucked away in private, be sure to enjoy a moment of passion today. 

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