10:00am: Preparing for my Day in the Life shoot for shots. (left) Christopher Watson-Wood, creative director for Mad Ruffian; (right) Amanda Jones, executive creative producer for Mad Ruffian; (hands) unimportant.


10:30am: Living healthy - mastering the 'Master Cleanse' (no food for 10 days!).


11:00am: Chris prepares for impending PPM by watching his own work over and over again.


12:30pm: Mad Ruffian Lunchtime Power Dynamic Flow. (Left, Jack Tew, Mad Ruffian director; middle, Amanda Jones; right, Ramaneeka Attapatto, in-house stylist for Mad Ruffian).


2:00pm: Preparing for impending PPM. (Left, Toby Williams-Ellis, head of operations for Ruffian Post; right, Amanda Jones).


3:00pm: PPM. 


4:00pm: Finally, some 'me time!', aka grading at Envy, aka late lunch. (Left, Danny Wood, greatest colourist in the world @ Envy Post; middle, Amanda Jones; right, Christopher Watson-Wood).


3:00am: Work.

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