06.15: Caffeinate face


07.15: Get kids dressed and out the door for school (it was Halloween).


08.10: Set out to find funnest, bumpiest commute to the office.


08.35: Drop into morning social is currently trying to find funniest ways to make light of the scariest election in our history (you know, because it’s Halloween).


09.30: Quarterly work wall...reviewing vast amount of awesomeness, created by really smart people.


11.15: Spending a few minutes reviewing our latest work for Tumi, with Lewis Hamilton, and wondering if I should have been a Formula 1 driver instead... the answer is no.



13.30: Admiring the professionalism of our team. 



15.45: Our Strategy lead Jess, down from the NY office to check out the new office progress. Our architects built a VR model of the space so we can stand in the future.


17.15: Not a horrible commute home, unless you hate gorgeous commutes home.


18.10: Team Williamson, in Full Force, owning the Halloween game.


21.15: Annnnd scene.

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