Ctrl Shift Face gets some Cruise control

Impressionists tend to do a pretty good job of tricking you into thinking you’re hearing a well-known figure, but I quick glance can soon ruin the facade. However, with the mind-blowing eye-foolery powers of DeepFake technology, impressionists might have a few digital masks up their sleeves for future fooling. 

Currently breaking people’s brains around the internet is a Bill Hader DeepFake from serial re-skinner Ctrl Shift Face. Using an anecdote from the former SNL star as the basis, the film sees his face seamlessly transform into Tom Cruise and Seth Rogan as he imitates their contributions. Seamless and more than a little freaky, this latest lark with the tech is nothing less than digital wizardry!

The art of phone messaging

Chances are, you’re reading this on a phone. Even better chances are that this is not the first time you’ve looked at your phone today. And if you happen to be a normal human below the age of 24, it would probably closer to the fiftieth time. With this in mind, street art collective Graffiti Kings, glitch artist Jay Kaes and mobile phone brand HONOR have created a mural in London’s Shoreditch playing on - then subverting - this particular stereotype of youth culture. 

The mural reflects research carried out by HONOR which found that 76% of 16-24 year olds surveyed feel that older generations think they spend too much time on their phones. However, they are arguably the generation who are using their smartphone in more positive ways than any other with only 8% of this age group feeling that smartphones have a negative impact on their lives and 60% feeling that their phones make them more productive.

By day the mural shows four young people on their phones, disengaged from the world around them. But by night the image transforms, through the use of glow in the dark paint, to show the young people engaging in positive activities, such as socio-political change and entrepreneurialism all whilst connecting with the outside world.

Intergalactic Planetary...

Over at Hypebeast, we have news that Virgin Galactic have unveiled the world's first commercial space terminal. 

The Gateway to Space commercial space port is a 670,000 sq-ft facility that sits on 18,000 acres of State Trust Land in New Mexico, and will be the departure site for all future astronauts that sign up for Virgin Galactic’s spaceflight services. The entire facility is equipped with the latest technology, making full use of the surrounding location while respecting the ancient landscape.


If the geek-Christmas promise of multiple Marvel-related shenanigans exclusively appearing on new streaming service Disney+ isn’t enough to have fan-boys and -girls around the world clamouring for early sign-up, the latest news that Ewan McGregor has signed up for an Obi-Wan TV series just might clinch it. 

Returning to the Alec Guinness-originated role he took on for the Star Wars prequel trilogy, McGregor is likely to make a lot of light-sabre enthusiasts very happy with the news, with many hankering for further adventures since the House of Mouse bought Lucasfilm back in 2013. As reported on Cinelinc (who broke the story), no official word from Disney has been spoken yet, but with the likes of Deadline, Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter seemingly confirming it, and D23 just around the corner, it seems fairly certain that it’s more than just a new hope.