“My Wife Hates it When I Work From Home” 

Presumably quarantined like the rest of humanity, artist Banksy just posted an artwork executed in his supposed home bathroom. The installation depicts a mischievous pack of his signature rats destroying everything in sight: swinging from towel racks, running on toilet paper, marking the days of quarantine on the wall, and making a disgusting mess of the toilet. 

The caption accompanying the work on the Instagram post reads simply, “My wife hates it when I work from home.”

BTTF Too - The home (co)video

With more time stuck in confinement, creative people are finding new and exciting ways to keep themselves entertained. One of the most ambitious projects we’ve seen come out of this is Project 88, a fan-flick based on the sequel to the BEST FILM EVER MADE [according to one of our editors]. 

Cunningly titled Back To The Future Too, the madcap scheme saw wannabe filmmakers from around the globe use only items that they had to hand to recreate scenes from the iconic movie within a week. 

Stitched together, the full-film is a hilariously sweet tribute to the original, incorporating animation, smashing model effects and some of the best impersonations of frenzied scientists you’ll see this week. And yes, the shark still looks fake.

The Simpsons get a pre-credits makeover

The opening credits of the long-running show (679 episodes and counting) is as much a part of The Simpsons DNA as Homer's love of donuts. But now, in the newest episode of the iconic animated series 'the couch gag' has got a makeover. As reported on The Verge, this Sunday's episode, which will air in the US on Fox, sees America's most famous family (Kardashian's? Pah!) using VR headsets to go on a series of different adventures around Springfield. Homer skydives, Marge surfs, Bart snowboards, Lisa swims with whales, and Maggie rides her tricycle through the empty streets of their hometown, a nod to the current socially-distanced situation we all find ourselves in. The most striking element of the intro is that the usual animation style has been replaced by, as The Verge describes, "sharper, more angular, and more abstract [images]. Partnered with a funky beat that plays while the various family members go about their missions, it’s one of The Simpsons’ best couch gags ever".

Beastly Beatdown

Australian agency, Bear Meets Eagle On Fire, has developed a fun, retro way to beat back isolation blues. Launched this week, Fists of Beastness is an old-school arcade game where you fight against cars, cops, and tanks in a bid to destroy everything, I think. I tried it, I was very bad. I even watched the play-through video to try get some tips, but it didn't help. (I'll stick to Animal Crossing.) It was, however, exceptionally charming, with 8-bit graphics, silly sound effects, and beer appearing from inside the destroyed buildings to give you strength. BMEOF partnered with T&DA, a company that specializes in interactive design and VR. The highest score on May 15th gets a 1K gift card, redeemable at the Australian tater tots franchise,Thirsty Bird. Aussies to the front!