The Chinese advertising market has undergone incredible changes over the past decade and has not only shown enormous growth, but also transformed into a model to imitate when it comes to digital marketing. 

Thanks to the fast development of the “Chinese-style” internet ecosystem that uses the fast-adapting capabilities of so-called, "super apps‟ to reach levels of direct brand-user engagement that were previously unthinkable, China‟s ad scene will undoubtedly play a vital role in the transformations to come within the industry with the 5G era on the horizon. 

Because of its position at the forefront of this revolution, more brand owners are paying attention to what‟s happening in China, and against this exciting background, the Golden Lion International Advertising Awards have emerged as one of the most important competitive awards in the country and an ideal showcase of the new ways in which creativity and technology are coming together. 

For the past 3 years, the Golden Lions have recognized the very best in video advertising in China and for 2020 they are ready to welcome submissions from all over the world. As comprehensive advertising awards, the Golden Lions reward staple categories (auto, electronics, gaming, and many more) but also focus on new trends: they recognize efforts like the best ads for VR and interactive media, content created by MCNs and the best video efforts of successful influencers. 

The Awards are organized by the influential China Advertising Magazine, and TVCBOOK, a leading video platform designed for ad professionals and brands to find inspiration and scout new talent.

By establishing a partnership with the Shanghai International Advertising Festival, the 2020 Golden Lions will expand their scope by holding discussion and networking events, opening up a space where advertisers, tech companies, creatives, entrepreneurs and marketers can exchange ideas and find opportunities for collaboration. 

The Awards Ceremony will take part simultaneously with the Shanghai International Advertising Festival in March 4-7, 2020.