Ever had one of those times where you’ve half woken from a particularly heavy anaesthetic to find you are still adrift in one of your own dreams? 

A dream in which you’re wandering – actually inside a Skittles rainbow – through a series of rooms designed by David Lynch, through half-remembered corridors, where you glimpse some spectral apparition glimmering in a mirror; a sculpture of a beautiful AI being slightly moves its head, or does it? You look again and they’ve vanished. 

A gold and silver light show creates mesmerising reflected patterns that undulate to heavenly music.

You emerge into a misty forest where an ethereal nymph creature dances hypnotically, you tarry a while and finally you’re lured to some celestial place, a temple where a gold and silver light show creates mesmerising reflected patterns that undulate to a heavenly music that’s been caressing your eardrums in a delicious sound bath throughout. 

If you’ve never experienced anything like this, it’s time you did. Hightail it to the Saatchi Gallery and step inside this multimedia collaboration created by Punchdrunk Theatre’s Colin Nightingale (creative producer) and Stephen Dobbie (sound designer and creative director);  with a divine score by music pioneer James Lavelle (UNKLE) that unifies the many visual, experiential elements.

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Above: Scenes from Beyond the Road

The project includes contemporary artwork, photography, sculpture, 3D installations, sound, aromas and video, including clips from Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma. Artists featured include Danny Boyle, Cannes Lions Grand Prix winners Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones, Toby Dye, contemporary artist and taxidermist Polly Morgan, director Norbert Schoerner and even an award-winning perfume designer, Azzi Glasser. 

Sponsor Tanqueray has concocted a series of cocktails to be served next door at the adjoining Gallery Mess, with a drinks menu inspired by the UNKLE soundtrack.