A new T-Mobile campaign has been launched to make the benefits of 5G network tangible for users and to further inspire them in the many possibilities. 

With this campaign, T-Mobile focuses on the consumer and wants to show that Unlimited 5G is for everyone who is curious; The Unlimiteds. Agency TBWA\NEBOKO is responsible for the strategy and creative development of the campaign and the production is done by HALAL.

With T-Mobile's new 5G network the possibilities are endless and it enables you to get the most out of your Unlimited data bundle. To reinforce that, the campaign appeals to anyone who does not want to be limited by, for example, their connection. It is therefore an invitation to anyone who feels Unlimited. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. Whether you want to start vlogging for the first time or want to play games with AR technology: as long as you are curious and want to gain new experiences, you are welcome to join the Unlimiteds.

Data research from TBWA\NEBOKO showed that the vast majority of Dutch people are open to this, which resulted in the decision to not make it a technical campaign about the 5G network, but to focus more on the people who want to use the network. The campaign kicks off with famous Dutch artist Typhoon in the leading role and will be broadcasted on TV, radio, OOH, social media, online, CRM and in retail. It is also the first campaign in which the new corporate identity of T-Mobile is going to be visible.

T-Mobile – The Unlimiteds

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New collaboration

It was announced last September that TBWA\NEBOKO has been chosen as lead agency for T-mobile, which includes the brands Tele2 and Ben. The collaboration is distinctive by the agile way of working, in which there is no traditional client-agency relationship, but a close collaboration between the two parties during every stage of the process. This involves continuous co-creation with elaborations throughout the entire customer journey. For all digital touchpoints of the customer journey, we cooperated with experience agency TBWA\X.

Leo Hensen, Director of Marketing and Communication T-Mobile: “It is great to see the power of  this new partnership and the refreshing energy it brings. With this campaign we show in a unique way that everyone with an Unlimited mindset can discover a world of possibilities on our 5G network. The campaign has become our new identity and shows even more clearly what our T-Mobile brand stands for, and I am very happy about that. ”

Mees Peijnenburg, director, HALAL, adds: “From the first drafts at the drawing board to the final edit, this project has been a joy to bring to life with a stellar team of people. To approach the Unlimiteds, the brand new Unlimited family, in an explosive, epic and last but not least musical manner was a fantastic experience. I’m very much looking forward to getting it into the world and inviting the audience on this inclusive and joyful ride.”

“In our new campaign, people are 'the Unlimited', and 5G is there to support your Unlimited mindset. Typhoon is one of those Unlimiteds. He tells the story on behalf of anyone who thinks this way. I think it's amazing that, together with T-Mobile, we have now brought to life the idea, the storytelling of Typhoon, the music and the visual translation of that.” thus Darre van Dijk, CCO TBWA\NEBOKO.