Los Angeles based production company, Summercamp has partnered with Liaison for Midwest and Texas representation.

Summercamp is a boutique production company that focuses on fostering innovative ideas and championing their creatives. It is run by executive producers Seth Josephson and Katrina Kudlick, and boasts a roster of emerging talent in the music video and commercial industry. Their directors have received VMA nominations, Telly awards, and ADDYs, and have been featured in AdAge, Forbes, and the Hollywood Reporter.

Liaison was founded by Meredith Machial. Meredith has over 15 years of experience in commercial production She has been an executive producer on both coasts, working with clients around the globe.

“Our roster of directors’ work ties together heart and edge, substance and style. We believe that as a visual-narrative medium, the marriage of these elements is what creates memorable and timeless work,” says Executive Producer, Katrina Kudlick.

Summercamp’s close ties with sister company, Los Angeles based post-house, Frame 48, allow the shops to offer efficient, all-inclusive productions, from inception to finishing.

In addition to their commercial and music video work, Summercamp also seeks to uplift it’s community through partnerships that promote social change, including fundraising through children’s book publications, content creation donations, and at cost non-profit marketing.