To celebrate Camille Herren joining RSA’s director roster we'd like to take you on a brief journey from his roots, to his current work and vision as a filmmaker.

'I never shy away from a challenge, and growing up in Switzerland they were all around… I climbed ice falls, jumped out of planes and even did loopings with a paraglider! But I also had this other side, one that loved films and stories. So following my instincts for adventure I decided to swap Switzerland for New York and take my first film course.'

Eventually, Camille moved to Amsterdam to join Wieden and Kennedy’s inaugural class of The Kennedys. Since then he has directed numerous projects including Heineken’s multi-award winning “The Legendary Posters”, Corona’s visceral journey to Paradise and acclaimed documentary ONE MORE about Dutch kick-boxing icon Ernesto Hoost: 'There is so much content about youth in sports and less about athletes who find themselves at the other end of the line. It’s one of my favorite projects because we were able to capture a very intimate and reflective portrait about one of the greatest fighters of our time as he struggles with the physical limits of age and uncertainty of life.’

Most of Camille’s previous work features real-life characters, but on his last commercial project for perfume house Amaffi he went in a new direction: ‘The film takes place in a world which is yet to be fully revealed, but we wanted to create this sense of large scale with incredible costumes, beautiful moody lighting, and a stunning setting. It’s a very visually driven film. I love it when a commercial feels like a piece of cinema, an experience that takes you to a different place. It’s something I want to explore more.’

'What excites me about joining RSA is that it is a company with an incredible legacy, yet it maintains a forward-thinking attitude and recognizes where content and advertising are inevitably heading. People are spending more and more time on ad-free platforms, this means that advertising and entertainment will merge together. RSA recognizes this and encourages brands to act as an enabler for entertainment. As a filmmaker, this is very exciting because you're talking about long format, episodic storytelling and ad-content working together.' 

RSCG management:"A brilliant young talent, with excellent taste. Camille has spent time in some of the best creative agencies and knows how this industry works. He always puts what’s important first. We are really excited to start making some amazing work with him." - Ross Plummer, Managing Director