P&O Cruises, Britain’s favourite cruise line, has been reshaping the image of holidays at sea to reach new audiences, with the help of creative agency Founded.

The new TV campaign Souvenirs seeks to connect with a new segment of British holidaymakers - guests looking for more enriching travel experiences, but who may have not yet considered a cruise.

Souvenirs paints a picture of a more authentic travel experience that allows guests to immerse themselves in the local culture and natural beauty of Dubai and Arabian Gulf - celebrating an enriching travel experience many may not associate with a cruise holiday.

Still featuring Rob Brydon’s character Huw and his fictional wife Jenny, the film is shot in Oman, as part of the P&O Cruises Dubai and Arabian Gulf itinerary. This is the third collaboration between P&O Cruises, director Joanna Bailey and production company Snapper. The output is a very deliberate ‘filmic’ style that seeks to involve the viewer in a travel experience that is rich with exoticism and cultural diversity.

From haggling with the local market owners, off-roading on desert dunes, playing football with the local children, scuba-diving with turtles and exploring architecturally striking mosques, the film oozes with local culture and the stunning experiences to be enjoyed on shore.

P&O – Souvenirs

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In favour of something that feels more reflective and original, Rob Brydon’s character Huw, reveals a slightly more serious side compared to previous adverts. The film also features the music track Dreams by the Cranberries. The song’s subject matter and stirring self-harmonies underscore the indelible emotions and memories that travel can induce.

P&O Cruises president Paul Ludlow, said: “Our new advert helps us to challenge tired stereotypes, by highlighting the exciting and enviable experiences our guests can enjoy on a P&O Cruises holiday. As we launch our new ship Iona and begin to reshape the market, it’s a great example of how we are also changing the way we communicate with guests past, present and future.”

Founded Business Director, Jo Fishburn said: “This is the first step in our journey with P&O Cruises to evolve the image of a cruise holiday from "indulgence at sea with a bit of sightseeing" to a really fulfilling and enriching travel experience that you can feel proud to brag about to your friends and neighbours. We are very proud of the new ad and we’re excited to see the results.”

The new TV ad will be rolled out across TV with 30”, 40” and 90” versions as well as digital and social channels on Monday 11 th March 2019. It is also supported by a new brand look and feel within print and digital.