When you clock-in at one of the world's leading music supervision company, you're going to need some visual treats to match up with the aural excitement of your day-to-day workload.

Thankfully, Lina Tebbs, Felt Music's Global Head of Business Development & Marketing, has a cornucopia of fun oddities filling her desktop. Despite having only been at the company since February 2019, Tebbs has already managed to introduce her collection of bots, her tiny pal and the world's tastiest bag into the office. 

We asked her to take us through some of the highlights.

The Robots

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love me a robot. I’m quite specific about the ones which are aesthetically pleasing to me. Generally, the kind that look like they’d be the last one to get picked for a team sport. 

I’ve been buying and have been gifted many through the years, but as this desk is quite a new one for me, there are only a handful on it at this point in time.

Would happily adopt any that need a good and caring home...

The Sunday Roast Pencils

I love stationary. Even though I probably don’t use as much of it as I’d like thanks to the array of Apple products I have on my person at all times.

This pencil set was a gift from one of my favourite humans on earth. He’s American and some years ago I introduced him to the wonder that is the Sunday Roast. Needless to say, he became a fan and got these for me as a little memento.

I can’t imagine they’ll even be used because they are too precious. Which the Phoebe in me is sad about because ‘they will never fulfil their pencil purpose’. 

The Tiny Girl

I picked this little Slinkachu lady at my very first Cannes Lions. I think in 2010, or thereabouts.

She was a promo item from an ad campaign and she’s been travelling with me ever since. Every conference, work trip and holiday. 

She sees the world through my wash bag (where she lives).

The Chopsticks

I eat at my desk most days (bad Lina). 

Mostly I seem to eat Asian food, particularly of the Japanese variety. I eat said food with the single pair of chopsticks I pick up at point of lunch purchase. 

And yet, somehow, they seem to multiply in my desk drawer.

By the time you read this, I’d be able to build an additional desk made entirely out of chopsticks.

The Cereal Bag

This was an impulse purchase last year and it’s probably one of my most used bags (I have a fetish. Don’t judge).

A. Because it’s pretty extra as far as backpacks go.
B. It’s the perfect size for a laptop / notebook etc, so easy to fit in everything I need when I run around between client meetings/presentations/pitches. 
C. it doubles up as my gym bag. Laptop out, swimsuit, towel, wash bag in.
D. It’s a cereal bag!