Award-winning production studio KODEannounce the latest additions to its acclaimed roster - Lloyd Wakefield, Dora Paphides, Harv Frost and Zebie

The signings emphasise KODE’s ongoing commitment to championing new and diverse talent, having recently helped directors including Nicolee Tsin, Otis Dominique and The Berry Boys evolve into fully-fledged commercial directing talents. Solidifying the production studio’s reputation for pushing the boundaries of storytelling and filmmaking, the addition of this exceptional young talent heralds a promising era for KODE.

Nathan Killham, Executive Producer and Founder at KODE, comments: "We are beyond excited to be welcoming these young and exciting creatives to our roster. Where all four of them differ in terms of style and perspective, they align in energy and ambition. We are always on the hunt for new and diverse talent to nurture, and with all of them shooting or pitching already we’re looking forward to seeing their growth. Having recently signed established directors Liz Unna and Sye Allen, these new directors continue to demonstrate our ever strengthening and rounded roster.”

Lloyd Wakefield 

Best known for being the fan-favourite tour photographer to Harry Styles, and winner of 'Tour Photographer of the Year' at the 2023 iHeartRadio Awards, Wakefield has crafted an intimate yet energetic style. With a natural ability to break boundaries, his familiar portraiture has led him across the globe, capturing images for the likes of Prime Video, Sony and a Harry Styles’ single cover for Music For A Sushi Restaurant

Wakefield strives to create work, be that moving or still imagery, that transports people into a moment or feeling. No matter how glamorous the project, he often harks back to his Manchester roots and experience in shooting with 8mm and 16mm film to capture specific emotions and forge connections with global audiences. 

Lloyd Wakefield director, KODE, comments: "This has been in the works for a while, I’m so excited to be working with the team. I creatively align with KODE which just makes things very easy, the team seems to just get it. I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

Dora Paphides

Since graduating from The BRIT School in 2019, Paphides has worked as a freelance director and photographer across music videos, fashion, press photography, and album artwork. Paphides’s portfolio boasts brand names such as Juicy Couture and JD Sports, music companies such as Universal Music Group and Sony Music, and artists such as Kate Nash and Emeli Sandé. 

With a penchant for punchy, saturated visuals, her promo for indie popstar Eaves Wilder’s I Stole Your Jumper follows the singer’s increasingly impassioned attempts to destroy an ex’s jumper that just won’t die. Her recent collaboration with KODE on Fred Roberts’ Say, meanwhile, sees the young musician tormented by a reckless desire.

Dora Paphides, director, KODE, says:"I am thrilled to have joined the KODE family. The first time I came into the office there’s such a brilliant buzz. It makes you want to create stuff. It’s so infectious. The little time we’ve spent working together has already made me excited to make films with the loveliest, most clever bunch of people.

Harv Frost

Frost is a trans filmmaker and creative who got her start making music videos for local artists on a shoestring budget, and has now worked her way up to crafting films for the likes of Sony Music, Polydor, Island Records, Chess Club, Ninja Tune and Columbia Records.

Inspired by nerd culture, growing up around sci-fi, video games, cult-classic movies, comics, and graphic novels, Harv has curated an eclectic reel of music video, fashion, and editorial work that constantly redefines her identity as a director. She doesn’t shy away from purpose-driven work, challenging the British government’s treatment of the trans community in piglet’s It Isn't Fair promo, and the beauty industry’s promotion of vanity in Baby Queen’s Narcissist.

Harv Frost, director, KODE, adds: “I’m absolutely elated to be finding a new home at KODE, and to be joining its already stellar roster. They are committed to creating content that goes further, and have always backed directors they believe in. That's why I feel honoured to take my place on this line up!

Jordan Boza, ‘Zebie’

Jordan Boza, often known as Zebie, is widely regarded as a one-to-watch director within the UK film industry. Best known for creative directing and shooting for Stormzy, he has travelled around the world filming live shows and content, as well as sharing the stage and studio with artists such as Ed Sheeran, Burna Boy and Dave. 

Born and raised in North West London, Zebie’s natural passion for filmmaking has taken him from humble beginnings to an enviable career in film and photography. Guided by his unwavering faith and sense of self, Zebie’s work is a personal reflection of his own experiences and original thinking, with a wide-reaching impact and purpose.

Zebie, director, KODE comments:"For me, making films has to come from a positive space and leave a positive impression on anyone that views the work. At Kode, I immediately saw that the team feels and works this way too. I feel blessed to be joining and cannot wait to release films which reflect our collective passions.”