We're shaking things up with this week's Favourite Things, grabbing a look at the inspiring object kept around by not one creative thinker...but eight.

Self-proclaimed 'powerhouse' collective Kinopravda is chock-full of international directors, scattered around Barcelona, Budapest, Athens, and LA. Their one goal: TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD… and make a few cool pieces in the process.

We asked the Caviar octet to each give us an example of something they hold close that keeps the fires of inspiration burning.

Balint - The Armature

A stop-motion armature I bought almost 20 years ago when I was just dreaming about becoming a filmmaker. 

Even though it’s all bolts and steel, it still feels like a character. 

Fiddling with it taught me just how much you can communicate emotions without dialogue. 

Also, it’s a great listener ;)

Danila - The Jumpsuit

I have to wear my knprvd jumpsuit. 

Whenever possible.

Daphne - The Stork

This stork is from one of the first puppet animations I made. 

It was in great condition until my nieces found it and started playing with it.

Luka - The Art

In my office hangs some artwork from a Hungarian artist duo: Little Warsaw. 

It’s a great exercise to start the day by determining your position within this lousy cartesian coordinate system. \

Moving slowly from bottom to top with occasional oscillations from shit to cool and back. 

I also love my Dr.Doom bubblehead.

Tomi - The Bike

Whenever I feel burned out, I'm burning gas.

Riding motorcycles always cools me down, but building bikes with my own hands always makes me feel I'm actually doing something.

Our videos will come and go, but those bikes will make people happy for decades.

Victor - The Comics

I love comic books. 

They’re such a great source of inspiration.

It's so cool to discover new authors out there self-publishing or working for new publishing houses.

Viktor - The... Cat?

My emotional support animal.

Xenia - The Lamp

Do you remember the scene in Anchorman where all anchormen describe themselves? 

Steve Carell, who plays a character who has "an IQ of 48 (some says mentally retarded)" reveals: I love... carpet.

Well, I just looked around my apartment, I recently moved in and realized: I love lamp. 


In the 15 sqm room I have 8 practicals and some candles.

The Orange Toucan helps when I burn the midnight oil while tweaking treatments, and keeps me company on endless agency calls.

It has travelled with me thousands of kilometers, and is definitely one of my favourite items.