What's your self-isolation set-up at the moment?

Paris. Home. 

My wife and my 18 and 16 years old sons. 

And my cat. 

Plus zoom from 9am to 7pm at my corner surrounded by music. 

Drinking coffees, cooking my mother’s best recipes for my family.

It's lockdown; aside from your family, which four people, past or present, would you most like to be quarantined with?

Marvin Gaye: He could lay on the couch just singing all day long and that would make my day.

Thundercat: So I could learn bass playing with one of the genius of our time

Zinedine Zidane: We would discuss football tricks and strategy and hair cut.

Michel Bras: He's such an inspiring chef. Cooking and travelling. Even at home, I’m sure we could travel the world just talking.

We need entertainment, what's your favourite short film?

Foutaises, by JP Jeunet, shot in 1990. 

Always loved the poetry, the invention, the copywriting.

Jean-Pierre Jeunet – Foutaises

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You've completed Netflix. And Amazon Prime. And Disney+. It's on the hard stuff; board games. What do you pick and why?

Without any doubt : RISK. 

It’s not a game, it’s a journey. 

And it can last 6 hours !!! 

If you are family and you survive to this, then you know your can climb the Himalayas together. 

On a serious note, how do you think this situation will impact you individually, and the industry as a whole? 

We all pray for our family, our team, our directors and partners to get out of this safe first. Then I hope this is not going to last too long and business will restart, all of this being a bad memory. 

If so, this moment will have been a revelation in a way. Working in a different pace, from different places, being more flexible, agile. 

On one hand. 

On the other hand, questioning more the consequences of every single decision we make when facing a pitch or a production. 

Bringing back meaning, human conversations and gentleness into our world (which is not always the best at it).