A self-proclaimed Shropshire Wildling, Jack Whiteley has reincarnated into Dreamjob with creative partner Joe Wills. 

The award-winning music video and commercials director joins Curate Films, and boasts an impressive client list, including Elton John, Lipton, KitKat and Canon.

The duo strikes a particular balance of inch-perfect casting and genuine performances. Magnetic personalities themselves, Dreamjob share a strong cinematic lens to deliver lively and tender tones to every world.

Whether it’s cleverly reinterpreting a Google search or flawlessly exuding drag glam, Dreamjob strikes an entertaining sense of fresh air. The former spot earned Whiteley a humbling nod for a British Arrow Award (2020) and points to the beginning of a splendid influence in advertising.

With a penchant for capturing big ideas and rendering memorable and successful films, Dreamjob is truly a talent to set your sights on. Excitedly hosted at Curate, they’re ready to make it all come alive.