Narghi’s films demonstrate an intimacy with her subjects with a strong sense of place and atmosphere.

Narghi is drawn to stories and characters that have a critical engagement with the world they live in. 

Born in Kyrgyzstan, she grew up listening to her grandfather reciting the epic of Manas, the centrepiece of Kyrgyz people's history and how they came to be.

She began her career working for BBC World Service filming stories on post-Soviet cultures and displaced people within Central Asia. Her sensitive approach to covering hard-hitting subjects helped develop her skills in capturing stories with authenticity and warmth. Her unique approach to working with non actors soon led to commercial projects for brands such as Dove, DHL, Amazon, Barclay's, BMW and Ballantine's. 

She is currently writing her first feature on fatherhood, set in Balykchy, a small fishing village where she was born.

Ben Link, MD of Missing Link Films says “Narghi is a fantastic storyteller and creates powerful cinematic films about real people. She’s also super cool with a cheeky humour, and I think she brings an exciting perspective and style to the commercial world. Heather and I just loved her approach and values when we first met.”

Her latest film entitled Home Alone has just launched.

She says “Accompanied by a track called When I Was in Trouble by artist How to Dress Well, Home Alone is a film inspired by recent Covid lockdowns. The film explores feelings of anxiety, idleness, loneliness and fear through the day in the life of one teenage boy. 

Shot on zero budget, and filmed by my good friend Abi Catto who works as a loader and focus puller on features. This was her first project being a DOP boss lady. We borrowed equipment for free through our contacts and shot it in a day. Edited by me.”