Creative Production Company C41 launches new studio in Amsterdam.

C41 has always valued Italian talents, and now aims to bring these talents to the rest of the world. A selection of Italian directors and photographers will be represented in the Netherlands, exclusively by C41.

"An ordinary life makes an extraordinary story" is the statement that supports the C41 brand, while the term Creative Production Company is the result of combining creative expertise and production services.

Alondside the headquarters in Milan, C41 will has now an office in Amsterdam. The founders Leone BalduzziLuca A. Caizzi and Barbara Guieu are already partners of K48 Production, to which C41 belongs.

The founders are supported by the Managing Director and Executive Producer Tiwirayi Magwenzi, who will lead the Dutch branch.

The roster include directors such as Leone, Massimiliano Bomba,Giada Bossi, Bom, Francesco Calabrese, Iacopo Carapelli, Alessandro De Leo and Van Khokhlov and photographers, such as Luca A. Caizzi, Ragazzi, Nei Paraggi, Alecio Ferrari, Carolina Amoretti, Dalì Geralle, Dave Masotti, Donald Gjoka, Federico Torra and Pietro Cocco.

The C41 Creative Production Company project has been officially presented in Amsterdam on the evening of November 15th 2019.

The event has been held at SEXYLAND, an unconventional venue in the BDSM district of Amsterdam. 

The C41 magazine issue 9 and the film directed by Giorgio di Salvo for United Standard were presented during the launch event.