Director Bruce St. Clair has been described as courageous, ambitious and modest, among other things. 

His style is incredibly well-rounded and diverse; full of epic sweeping landscapes, complex vfx, choreography, seamless post production and considered direction. 

His flawless cinematography conjures sophisticated depths of mood and his global understanding of location transports world to world, winning him awards at Cannes, D&AD and the Clios.

Particularly prominent is his automotive work, of which his clients include Mini, Audi, Mercedes, Lexus, Kia and Fiat. Further clients include IKEA and California Lottery.

Being a multi-linguist Englishman who was born in Italy and lives in Spain, he has worked extensively across Europe and the US, bringing an expansive and global perspective to his work.

Of the new signing, Rattling Stick say, “Bruce has an incredible knack for delivering stunning work of seismic proportions and he adds another exciting dimension to our offering. He’s an undeniably talented and inherently cool man and we’re looking forward to working with him.”

Bruce comments; “I’ve been a huge fan of Rattling Stick for many years and I know it’s the right company for me to expand and do great creative work, surrounded by unmeasurable talent such as Daniel and Ringan. Scripts and production value are becoming more and more challenging but it seems that the quality of the work being produced at Rattling Stick is unaffected by this and the work coming out of them is fantastic. Can’t wait to get started!“