Apple – Saving Simon

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Another in the Shot on iPhone series, this sweet tale, Saving Simon, was shot by the Oscar-nominated Reitman duo and is the first time the father and son have directed together. 

Created by TBWA\Media Arts Lab and produced by Bob Industries, the film was shot entirely on the iPhone 13 Pro and highlights the use of new features  – macro and cinematic modes. 

Jason Reitman commented: “This is the greatest moment of all time to be a filmmaker. If you want to write stories, you pick up a pencil. If you want to write songs, you pick up a guitar. And if you want to make movies now you can just pick up an iPhone.” 

Set to the song You and I, by Valerie June, it’s a charming tale about a little girl who desperately tries to preserve the magic of Christmas all year round by preventing her beloved snowman from melting. 

Stowing him in the family freezer, she keeps a check on him throughout the year till he’s ready to emerge for a new festive frozen display. 

But don’t even ask what happens when her carefully preserved snow chum finds himself in the path of a wayward cyclist… it’s a thaw point.