To accompany the launch, Free the Work has also released a film [below], created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland and directed by Amber Grace Johnson through Object & Animal, which takes viewers on a 200-year journey, imploring us to open our eyes to often-overlooked creative voices.

Free the Work's talent discovery service is powered by machine learning to promote intelligent, personalised discovery, in the hope of fighting discrimination within industry hiring practices. The platform represents the next generation of the 2016-launched Free The Bid, Alma Har'el’s game-changing nonprofit initiative in the world of advertising.

Given the right tools, I know we will open our eyes and reach a renaissance of creativity.

Actors and industry leaders, including Emmy award-winners Lena Waithe, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jill Soloway, Oscar-nominated actor Lucas Hedges, 2019 Emmy nominee Natasha Lyonne and Oscar-nominated DP Rachel Morrison, appear on the discovery page, providing curated playlists of global talent.

Alma Har’el and P&G – Free The Work

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Four of the world’s biggest companies, including Proctor & Gamble, AT&T, Facebook and Amazon Studios have joined Har'el as founding partners of Free the Work and will lead its global expansion over the next three years. Additionally, Verizon has signed on as the inaugural guardian patron. Free the Work launches with the support of its allies: The Sundance Institute, The Unstereotype Alliance, and the ANA’s #SeeHer initiative. 

“P&G is a proud supporter of Free the Bid,” said Marc Pritchard, P&G Chief Brand Officer. “Now, we are thrilled to be a founding sponsor of Free the Work – because creativity loves diversity!”

Free the Work will allow TV networks, film studios and brands to track quantifiable results for their diversity efforts across industries with a customised dashboard. It will also offer educational tools, facilitate mentorship opportunities and act as a collaborative community platform. Members can connect with each other and work together on issues they care about, such as equal pay.

Above: Alma Har'el.

“We use services daily to discover new music, movies, and restaurants - it’s time we treat talent-discovery of underrepresented creators with the same level of urgency and innovation," said Har'el. "Given the right tools, I know we will open our eyes and reach a renaissance of creativity.”

As part of the Young Director Award in Cannes this week, Har'el will be joining a panel discussion focussing on new filmmaking talent coming into the industry. For more information, please click here.