In 2019, each of Ace & Tate's creative campaigns will address a multifaceted and multimedia view of a singular theme, the first of which is optimism. 

In these uncertain times, the campaigns of 2019 aim to celebrate inspirational, resilient talent as we all search for reassurance, connection and positivity. 

The Optimism campaign runs from February to June, and includes a digital A-Z guide and a photography series called Through The Eyes, to help promote the brand's first rimless frames collection. The campaign is also complemented with an original podcast series called Career Girls.

This latest campaign is a way to deliver joy and further those bonds. Our next campaign. Balance, will build on this mission.

The A-Z Guide to Optimism is a curated online directory where each letter of the alphabet represents a way to make you smile through artwork, science, philanthropy, media and health. The 26 components include an app called Happify, a diversity-focused nightclub in Amsterdam, keychains made from plastic waste and a mental health hotline. The digital directory is animated with illustrations from Spanish artist Miguel Angel Camprubi. 

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The photography series, is a new initiative from Ace & Tate that involves commissioned photographers to contribute work around each campaign’s theme throughout the year. Vivek Vadoliya and Gilleam Trapenberg are the first two contributors to the series, and will produce work around the theme of Optimism. 

Lastly, the Career Girls podcast series chronicles the rise (and stumbles) of groundbreaking creatives. Host Zing Tsjeng is the author of the Forgotten Women book series and the UK Editor of Vice’s Broadly. “Professional success is a marathon, not a sprint,” Tsjeng says in the first episode. Guests on the podcast are set to include Asma Khan, the first British Chef on Netflix’s Chef’s Table, Nicole Crentsil and Paula Akpan, Co-founders of Black Girl Fest and Danielle Pender, Founder of Riposte magazine .

“This campaign allows us to intentionally seek out the good in the world," says the company's Founder and CEO, Mark de Lange. "Our overall mission is to build meaningful relationships with the communities of people we serve that goes beyond the commercial. This latest campaign is a way to deliver joy and further those bonds. Our next campaign. Balance, will build on this mission.”