Snagged from Fallon by mobile brand giffgaff when they decided they could do without an agency but not without her, Abi Pearl's prowess at putting forward a clear brand message is plain to see.

Likewise, whilst snooping through her workplace, a pleasant change from 'hot-desking' in her office and avoiding 'stuff' to "enjoying the comfort of home, lack of a commute, and gaining time back to do things like exercise", we see pieces that show creative drive, a quest for change and an unmistakable scent.

Pearl brings us her Favourite Things from her current desk (a dining table) with with a view out onto her garden; the action of birds, squirrels and cats is providing a welcome backdrop to her day.

The Oops Candle

I love that it says ‘Oops’. 

It smells incredible.

I light it every morning before I sit down and open my laptop. I’m relishing this far more civilised start to my day. No tube, just a quick wander down the stairs, light this candle, and I’m ready.

It was a gift from Fred Rowson and the team at Blink. 

It was my birthday towards the end of our Choose giffgaff production in 2019. 

The team got me this as a present. 

That shoot and film was one of my favourite pieces of work we’ve made. I really loved working with Fred and the team. 

This candle reminds me of that great feeling every morning.

The D&AD Annual 

We sponsor a couple of briefs with D&AD Shift and New Blood. Working with those on the programme and seeing the work produced, has been one of the highlights of my past year.

I remember when I first entered the advertising world and learnt more about D&AD, I found it so inspiring. 

From programmes like Shift - that help those not in education trying to break into the industry, to the Annual - full of incredible work from Creatives at the top of their game, it’s a great reminder of what can be achieved. 

I keep the annual on my desk as a reminder of what’s possible.

The Peloton Bike

I’m actually quite lazy when it comes to exercising. Always finding an excuse to avoid it... working late, tired, impromptu catch up with friends. 

In recent months, spending such a huge amount of time on Zoom most days, and not moving anywhere near as much as I should, has helped me reappraise things.

Cue Peloton Bike. It was the upside of getting a refund following our holiday being cancelled.

Now it’s here, I can’t get enough of it. 

Such a positive way to spend 30 minutes a day. 

The Notebook

I love a good notebook. 

I have loads. 

This one is particularly special though. 

It was a gift from Tracy Stokes at Like Minded Individuals. Tracy’s been an incredible mentor to me, from our days working together at Fallon where she was Head of TV and I was an account person; to today. 

I once told Tracy of a side hustle idea of mine, and she bought me this notebook to have somewhere special to write it down. 

It’s great to have great people in your corner, and Tracy is most definitely one of mine.

The Powerful Print

The past month has been both emotional and inspiring at the same time. 

I bought this Anthony Burrill print recently (it still needs hanging). The proceeds go towards The Black Curriculum, a movement aimed at making it mandatory to teach Black British History in schools.

The message is amazing - Ask more questions

Question, don’t accept. 

Why is Black History an option, only taught during ‘Black History Month’ vs all year round? Why is the narrative one of slavery and migration? Why shouldn’t we strive to recognise the positive contribution Black people have made to our history?

Education is key to change, and surely starting that journey in schools will negate the need for ‘Diversity and Inclusion Training’ in the workplaces of the future.