Two of London's best-known production companies, Blink and Rogue, have just announced an ambitious new partnership.

Whilst retaining their distinct brands and rosters, the two companies say the joint venture will use their "shared culture and resources" in order to maximise the best creative opportunities for their directors - who include award-winning talents such as Dougal Wilson and Sam Brown - and the most cost-effective solutions for their clients.

“In an industry that seems to be running away from great creativity, we’re united in a belief that we must continue to run towards it," says Charlie Crompton, co-founder of Rogue. "We passionately believe in the transcendent magic of great filmmaking in making transformatively powerful work for the brands we shoot for.”

The partnership brings together six companies specialising in the areas of automotive, animation, commercial production, music production and long-form entertainment, including Carnage, Rogue's car-specialist division; animation studio Blinkink; music supervision outfit Major Tom / Village Green; Blink Industries in long form entertainment and Blink and Rogue in commercials production.

“We already have key experience in getting all our constituent elements dancing elegantly together. The beating heart of this idea is that we will be so much more than the sum of our parts. This union prefigures our belief that a group of complimentary specialisms at the top of their games, working together harmoniously and seamlessly to create the very best work possible across all moving media, is what our industry needs now and in the future,” says James Studholme, Blink’s chairman. "There’s only one company I could possibly have contemplated doing this with and that’s Rogue. I was green with envy and admiration when they launched Carnage and am a massive fan of their directing roster. I love Charlie and David, our philosophies are aligned, we see the future the same way and we share an excitement at shaping ourselves to thrive. Plus, it’s going to be the most fun imaginable.

“Being Chair of the Arrows makes you all too aware of the new split in quality levels and I passionately feel the need to always be amongst the best. And Blink are market leaders in that department having been production company of the year three times. They’ll push us and we’ll push them. And it helps that Rogue and Blink have been friends and mutual admirers for many years and share common values, vision and ambition,” adds Crompton

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