Earlier this year the Thomson Reuters Foundation and TBWAChiatDay New York brought us an unboxing video with a difference which featured YouTube sneaker influencer Jacques Slade unveiling a ‘Slave Made’ pair of sneakers.

Now the same team has launched a second part to the campaign in which a pair of custom, 'Slave Made' wireless headphones have been sent to popular tech influencer David Cogen to unbox and bring some attention to modern slavery in the supply chain of some of the most coveted gadgets. 

The initiative aims to raise awareness of the ‘hidden human price’ of products amongst young people at a time when the issue of ethical fashion is increasingly informing consumer choices.

Above: The first video in the campaign, with sneaker influencer Jacques Slade.


Slavery is still thriving today, but is hidden deep within supply chains of some of the most popular products on the market. The Thomson Reuters Foundation is committed to taking action against modern slaveryand, to do so, they created the pair of custom 'Slave Made' wireless headphones to reveal the 'human price' of our favorite gadgets. Then, those headphones were sent to tech influencer David Cogen, founder of The Unlockr, to unbox them, take a closer look and bring awareness to this growing epidemic. 

As with the sneakers sent to Jacques Slade, the headphones were created with sobering facts and statistics crafted seamlessly into the design that expose the heartbreaking forced labour tactics used to illegally harvest many of the natural components - cobalt, mica, tin, tungsten - found in today’s top tech devices. Statistics suh as;

- The $90 price tag is in fact the actual price of a human slave today.

- 80% of electronic companies do not track the countries that they source materials from, and that children as young as five are forced to work in the mines that source many of these materials illegally.

- 10 children are killed each month working the mica mines in India, while over 40,000 children currently work  to mine cobalt in the Congo, a mineral used in nearly all wireless device batteries.  

When Cogen puts the headphones on, he hears a real story from a former slave who’s best friend was killed by a mine that collapsed.


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