Following the London derby between Spurs and Arsenal on Sunday, Grey London produced a tactical press ad to help console the heartbroken losers and prevent disappointment bubbling up into lairy behaviour.  

The ad continues Grey London's Take:90 campaign for Police Now, a drive launched in August that aims to reduce acts of violence caused by rage. The full-page poster appeared next to the match report in Monday’s Evening Standard and was aimed at football fans looking to vent frustration at a disappointing match result. The long copy ad (below) takes 90 seconds to read – the length of time it takes for anger to pass.  


The droll, engaging copy includes relevant team insights in footie vernacular while describing the process your body goes through as it moves from angry to calm. It starts off empathising with the emotions the losing fans must be feeling...

"Lillywhite-knuckled fists clenched tighter than our transfer budget. The game finished hours ago, but pure rage is playing extra time."

It then goes on to urge the reader to pause and avoid venting the rage.  

"Think of a happy place. Like halfway through a Klinsmann slide. Breathe."

The text moves into reinforcing positive feelings of calm, suggesting that composure and common sense are prevailing.  

"...Give red mist the red card. Fists loosen up. This is a game of repossession. It's working." 

Grey produced different versions for each outcome of the match (win, lose or draw), each one addressing the emotions supporters might have felt. Tor Garnett, Detective Superintendent and co-founder of Police Now said: “When you care deeply about something and are disappointed, often anger is sparked – Take:90 is a practical everyday tool to help let anger pass.”

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