Yesterday software giant Adobe revealed its prophecy for the top visual themes that will strongly influence photography, art, advertising and more in 2019. To compile the report, the Adobe Stock team scoured the realms of art, fashion, pop culture, social media and business to spot what types of images were proving to be popular. 

As the ad industry well knows, the ability to detect emerging visual trends in this increasingly image-led age is vital to the creation of impactful communications.

The purpose of Adobe’s 2019 Visual Trends Forecast is to help the creative community polish its visual fluency by embracing trends as they evolve and understanding what they mean to consumers.


The report groups types of trends into categories, for example Natural Instincts reveals how, in an increasingly tech-focused, digital world, people are hankering after images of nature and the physical world.

The category Brand Stands notes how consumers, especially generation Z and millennials, are increasingly responding to companies offering more than just products; focusing their attention on brands with stated values and ideologies, whether they be environmental or social issues.

Creative Democracy recognises the trend for people to share their own visual worlds rather than letting creatives construct them. Each day, 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram and people watch 100 million hours of video content on Facebook.