David Betteridge is narrative storyteller, cinematographer and director with a plethora of 360 experience.  He is founder of an immersive content studio called Citizen 360, which will be accessible to Dark Energy’s clients.

Betteridge, whose reel contains projects for Google, NBC, VW, Nokia, Microsoft and, most recently, HP, says "When I started working with 360 it was more of a side project to my other directing work but I quickly discovered what an interesting and powerful storytelling tool it was."  

His latest work for HP tells the story of digital nomads, working in unusual or remote locations on HP laptops.  The campaign is split across three films and features a hotelier in Nicaragua, an Indonesian blogger and a Hong Kong-based agency for graffiti artists and DJs. The films were recently released online, alongside social media elements which were also shot by Betteridge.

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