Little 'uns come out with the funniest things - for proof, just search the hashtag #thingsmykidssay on social media. Now, some of their most comic one-liners are being preserved for posterity in Fruit of the Loom's witty back-to-school campaign.



Created by the brand's long-term agency, CP+B, Pillows for Posterity enlists artisans to hand-embroider such gems as 'I'm just so in love with this bagel right now', 'Mom, you were my best friend before I actually got friends' and  'You have a mustache so I'm going to bed early tonight' onto decorative pillows in the oldey-worldey style of cross-stitch samplers.



Now, the brand is widening the net by asking parents who'd like to get their hands on their own keepsake cushion to leave a quote from their kids on the Fruit of the Loom Facebook page. The funniest submissions will then be selected to be made into handicrafts.

Of course, it's not just what little ones say which is cause for merriment: it's also what they do. Another strand of the campaign takes the mick out of the reasons given by teachers for sending kids home from school, via a trio of whimsical animations inspired by actual notes.

Our favourite has to be Nacho Hero (who knew corn chips could pose such ocular dangers?)  but you can watch all three below and decide for yourself.

Nacho Hero


Best Friends


Strawberry Fields


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