5. Samsung's new phone is a bit of all-write

Was it Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra who said “The pen is the tongue of the mind”? Yes, it was (don’t Google it, we did that for you). Well, if the the Don Quixote author were to get his hands on the recently release spec for the new Galaxy Note 9 he might change it to “The pen is the shutter of the selfie”. Or something. After asking what a phone, selfie and, let’s face it, electricity is.

After the *cough* explosive launch of the Note 7 a couple of years ago, Samsung had a bit of a challenge getting people back on board for their next iteration. The solution - a Bluetooth stylus! Amongst a plethora of incredible features announced yesterday (massive screen, massive battery, massive price), the standout had to be the in-built S Pen, a nifty device which not only lets you write on the screen but also allows remote control of the handset with a little clickety-click - including the aforementioned camera snapper.  You can check out all of the tech specs on the CNet first look. It seems all-write to us...

4. Vilnius hits the (G) spot with racy campaign 

The Vilnius tourist board has raised more than just eyebrows with a racy new campaign that plays on the Lithuanian capital's out-of-the-way location, reports Sky News. Released this week, the poster features a young woman lying on a map of Europe, clutching Lithuania in a state of ecstasy, alongside the tagline: “Nobody knows where it is, but when you find it - it’s amazing. Vilnius: the G-spot of Europe”. With the Pope due to visit next month, the timing seems a tad curious - and needless to say, the country's Catholic priests are not impressed. Nonetheless, sex sells and all that.... 

3. Mansplaining... made simple

Woke men who worry about the precise moment that 'helpfully explaining something to a woman' turns into unforgivable 'mansplaining' now have a handy guide to help them navigate the minefield. Researcher, author and designer Kim Goodwin came up with the hilarious flow-chart after being asked by two colleagues to define the term 'mansplaining', and it swiftly went viral. The short takeaway? If a woman asks you to explain it or replies 'yes' when you ask if she needs it explained, fine. Otherwise, put a sock in it. As Stylist reported, though, some people failed to see the funny side. One Twitter user accused Goodwin of sexism while another suggested that #womansplaining is also a problem. Haters gonna hate...

2. Pokémon pensioner's gonna catch 'em all 

We thought all the fuss around AR game Pokémon Go had died down, but some people, it seems, are still determined to catch 'em all - and they're employing increasingly ingenious methods to do so. This week, the Evening Standard introduced us to 59-year-old Taiwanese super-fan Chen San-yuan, who goes hunting in the streets of New Tapei City armed with a staggering 11 smartphones rigged to his bike - a practice that has earned him the moniker 'Uncle Pokémon'. Far from being a slightly unhealthy obsession, Chen reckons his hobby helps stave off dementia. You're probably wondering how on earth he keeps the damn phones juiced up. With the help of nine battery packs, of course...

1. Now that's what we call green fingered

In what has to be the most cheering news we've heard all week, one man has transformed a desert into a forest by planting a tree every day for the past 40 years. Jadav Payeng first started his project on Majuli island in Assam, northern India, in 1979 following severe floods which left the river island barren, and four decades later, the woodland has grown to 550 hectares, bigger than New York's Central Park.

Now, the Metro reports, his extraordinary efforts are finally coming to light following the release of a documentary, Forest Man, which has clocked up almost 2.8 million views. And although he's now in his mid-50s, Payeng isn't planning on stopping any time soon. ‘I will continue to plant until my last breath," he said. If the Great British Heatwave continues, perhaps he could bring his green fingers to the sun-parched parks and gardens of the UK?