Knucklehead UK has announced two additions to its roster of directors.

Directing duo Tu & Nick, known for their long-form work for VICE, the BBC and Red Bull, join for worldwide representation. As multi-faceted creatives they also work as DJs, television hosts, interviewers and musicians. Their next creative venture is a feature about Pacman and its creator Toru Iwatani.

Thibaut Grevet, meanwhile, builds on his success with Knucklehead USA with representation now on both the UK and US roster. Grevet’s eye for movement, coupled with a strongly visual and emotional aesthetic stems from a love of skateboarding and BMX which were the subject of his first films. As well as crafting work for brands including Vans, Coors, FIFA, Blue Cross, WWF and Renault, he set up extreme sport blog The Diggest. He is represented elsewhere by Frenzy.

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