Nike, China Run the World

Ben Sun Erhei: Wieden+Kennedy hijacked Shanghai’s iconic globe-shaped landmark for this experiential campaign. The building was made to look like the Earth, with a holographic man running on top, ‘making the world go round’. It was an amazing feat and the whole city gathered to watch.


Alibaba, To The Greatness of Small

Kit Koh: BBDO and Proximity China’s campaign celebrates the power of small – a unique angle recognising small achievements, small athletes, small countries, and much more. I find this idea powerful because of its tie to the core of the brand, enabling small businesses to grow bigger and make a difference. It celebrates athletes’ dedication despite their records, fame, and countries they represent. 


Tsingtao Beer, Midnight Canteen on the Great Wall

Ben Sun Erhei: Inspired by China’s late-night consumption habits, this visually stunning campaign from Tian Yu Kong centred around a pop-up food and drink event on the Mutianyu Great Wall Beacon, with a huge artificial moon. It generated significant attention online, and Tsingtao’s limited edition Midnight Canteen beer quickly sold out.


Cathay Pacific, Altitude Brew

Kit Koh: People always complain about the food and drink on planes. This innovation from Cathay Pacific and McCann World Group Hong Kong made a breakthrough by creating the world’s first beer brewed specially for high altitude, as high as 35,000ft. This work is beyond advertising – it’s a smart way of using innovation to create engagement and conversations with travellers. Bravo to the team.


Penguin Random House, Shero Books

Ben Sun Erhei: Many classic children’s books feature boys as the heroes. In this book set from Penguin Random House and Havas Shanghai, Tarzan becomes Tasha; Robin Hood is now Robine Hood; and Sherlock Holmes becomes Sherlotte to reinforce the idea girls can be the heroines of the story.


7-Eleven, Rhythm of Love Wall

Kit Koh: Taiwan’s advertising is famous for delicate and emotional storytelling, a strength demonstrated here. Based on a simple insight that each coin donated deserves encouragement, ADK Taiwan created a wall of hands in-store which claps when a coin is received. A simple yet to-the-point idea deserving our applause.


Fotile, Mom’s Time Machine

Ben Sun Erhei: This promotes the efficiency of Fotile’s dishwashers, enabling mothers to balance work and home. The SGAD+ campaign celebrates the achievements of women, only revealing the dishwasher at the heart of their success at the end of the spot. The company also set up a charity to support mothers. What I like about this campaign is that it uses humanity at its core and shines light on a problem ignored by many, offering a gentle solution.

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