To mark the AICP Next Awards today in New York, creative technology and VFX studio The Mill has created a title sequence for the show unlike any before.

The team created an animated design which uses custom-built software and coding to create visuals and audio that change throughout its screening. Show guests may also be able to spot themselves in the design as cameras dotted around The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) - where this year's AICP Show premiere is being held - will live feed into the sequence during the show, incorporating attendees into the animated design. 

Following tonight's AICP Next Awards, the premiere of the AICP Show: The Art & Technique of the American Commercial will be held on Thursday evening. The Mill's co-founder and CEO, Robin Shenfield, has assumed the role of this year's Chairperson of the AICP Show, hence The Mill's involvement on the creation of the titles. 


Above: Some visuals from the AICP title sequence.


The sequence has not been pre-recorded, so it's reveal tonight will be aired in real time to a very excited audience. 

“The titles for the AICP Award shows have always been special and reflect the state of the art in motion design,” says AICP President and CEO, Matt Miller. “Having The Mill on board this year to bring to life this creative marriage of human ingenuity and computing power delivers unique breakthrough sequences. This is the forefront of possibility for the industry and is truly what’s Next.”

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