Double A/OK Go Obsession for Smoothness

Thomas-Toda: The technological wizardry involved in creating this visually stunning, branded music video is mind-blowing.

Sato: A brilliant branded promo created by Hakuhodo Inc which is an example of ‘paper mapping’ using hundreds of printers. The grand design and the craftsmanship that made this possible are remarkable: think of the minute calculations and the labour it took to attain this level of perfection. OK Go’s videos are all legendary, so the bar for this project was already set remarkably high. But this project has earned its place as a true stand-out piece.


Panasonic The Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra

Thomas-Toda: The world’s first ensemble performance using only turntables and mixers. Imagine trying to compose the music for this!


Yamazaki Yamazaki Moments

Thomas-Toda: The whole website, including the opening film directed by Sojiro Kamatani – showing the intricate craft process of the whiskey in exquisite detail – is beautiful. 


Nifrel The Imagination of Sumire

Thomas-Toda: The highly stylised art direction in this campaign perfectly illustrates the unique concept of the Nifrel museum, located in an aquarium, so people can enjoy creatures and nature in the same way as art.


AIG Pride Jersey

Sato: TBWAHakuhodo combined the seven colours of the rainbow to create an innovative black jersey for the New Zealand All Blacks and Black Ferns, named UNITED BLACK. The idea resonates with the current cultural climate, and is an example of sponsorship marketing that goes beyond the bounds of communicating one company’s vision. This project took the strong singular corporate vision of an insurance company, and ran with it... to stunning effect.


Hokkoku Shimbun Inc Sumo Girl 82 Techniques

Sato: This Dentsu campaign expresses the 82 different forms and positions found in sumo wrestling in a highly sophisticated, graphical and stylish way. The gradation of the background, the fine balance and composition come together to create a ‘drawing-like’ effect that is truly arresting.

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