Burger King Scary Clown Night

Moro: I really love this idea from LOLA MullenLowe. It was a very simple challenge for Halloween: if you went to a Burger King in a clown costume, you got a free Whopper. It is a fantastic integrated campaign that reunites everything that Cannes rewards; humour, balls, the product in the middle, the DNA of the brand, beautiful craft. I think it deserves to win big.

Garcia: LOLA MullenLowe’s very cool campaign has all the ingredients for festival success. An international client, a fun idea, impeccable direction and a wink at their world renowned competitors. Double-tick.


IKEA Allen Key

Moro: A classic ad that drives a true insight about the brand, but is hard to admit; that some people feel a ashamed about having IKEA furniture at home. But actually, you find it in the most upmarket places, and the best thing is that you don’t notice. It is a brave idea from McCann Madrid, well executed in direction and craft, to end with the prejudices against the brand.


International Committee of the Red Cross Decisions

Moro: Sra Rushmore have told an unexpected story, a real truth. We are used to seeing commercials for NGOs trying to make people feel sad, or guilty. The idea here is to expose a terrifying truth. You feel transported to the place where this happens. It makes you think.

Garcia: Yes, it’s from our agency. But it’s also extraordinary, brutal and effective. There are thousands of war films, but you only really start to imagine the reality in the first 20 minutes of Saving Private Ryan. The same thing happened to me with this film. We see images that have gotten old from news broadcasts. But in this campaign we actually experience the situation. It just hits you in the head.


Toyota Drive Like You Think

Garcia: This campaign from The Partnership and Oriol Villar probably won’t win in Cannes because this kind of campaign doesn’t usually get awarded. It is not sensationalist, super-fun or super-dramatic, and I don’t know how far it works internationally. But for me it’s the best recent Spanish campaign. It’s pure repositioning in a very competitive market. Simple. And gives full validity to a tagline.

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