Budweiser, Tagwords

If you do a search on the internet, you find pictures of Budweiser in the hands of some of the greatest music legends of all time, and in historical moments in the music scene. But this is a story that Bud couldn’t tell, for obvious reasons. So we gave people the directions through a campaign with a combination of search words so they could find them themselves.


Ford, SafeCap

Drivers who fall asleep at the wheel are the main cause of road accidents, costing many lives every year. This initiative from GTB Brazil has won lots of awards already and should also do well in Cannes, because it uses technology in favour of safety in an innovative way and calls people’s attention to this important issue.


Clube de Criação, Re-reborn

The search for the new is a constant search for everyone in the creativity industry. FCB Brazil’s campaign for the Clube de Criação (the Brazilian Creative Club) – in which the ads are never repeated – is a brilliant response to this.

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