6. Sir Martin Sorrell will rise again

Just when you thought WPP tycoon, Sir Martin Sorrell, was stepping out of the business and dare we say it, retiring, Bloomberg reported him saying, "I am not going into voluntary or involuntary retirement. I'm going to start again." Revealed at a New York conference earlier in the week, there has been much speculation over what exactly the 73-year-old is planning. From possibly investing in a private equity-backed Ogilvy buyout to disrupting the structure of adland and merging creative teams with digital departments; our guess is as good as yours. But many are questioning what effect, if any, the mysterious circumstances under which he resigned will have on his future career. Watch this space.

5. Polanski disputes expulsion from Oscars 

Following his recent expulsion from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - aka the Oscars - director Roman Polanski has revolted, calling for a fair trial, reports Variety. Polanski was ousted together with Bill Cosby on May 3 as a result of the Me Too movement after he admitted to having sex with a minor in 1977, 40 years after the original crime took place. Polanski claims he's being illegally expelled and his attorney Harland Braun has threatened to sue the organisation unless they allow him the opportunity to present his side of the story. 

4. Me Too mutes R Kelly 

And on the subject of Me Too, some sort of justice seems to have finally met rapper R Kelly. Mashable has revealed Spotify's decision to minimise R Kelly's presence on the streaming platform following years of sexual abuse allegations against the musician. The music service will not be actively promoting R Kelly's music via its playlists or its algorithmic recommendations, like Discover Weekly, although his music will still be available. "We don’t censor content because of an artist’s or creator’s behavior, but we want our editorial decisions — what we choose to program — to reflect our values," read a statement from Spotify posted on Billboard. So far. there hasn't been much backlash to this, however some Twitter users have pointed out other rappers who have also been accused of inappropriate behaviour and should possibly receive similar treatment.

3. 10 ridiculous gifts to commemorate the Royal Wedding

With the much-anticipated nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just around the corner, brands all round the UK have been jumping on the Royal Wedding bandwagon with joyous, shameless abandon. Forget commemorative biscuit tins or a nice cup and saucer set emblazoned with the happy couple's faces, this particular marriage has spawned a sea of branded tat that includes everything from condoms and cock rings (yes, really) to sofa, sausages and even cryptocurrency. Thankfully, Metro has done all the hard work and rounded up the most ridiculous product launches in one handy listYou're welcome. 

2. Cut down on washing with these NASA-inspired undies

Everyone's a lot more eco-conscious these days: you probably recycle most of your waste; drink water from a refillable bottle (and Fairtrade coffee from a reusable cup), and follow a plant-based diet. But - and we hate to break it to you - if you're still laundering your undies after every wear, you're a long way from being your greenest self. But help is at hand: as reported in the Independent this week, Danish brand Organic Basics has just reached its Kickstarter target for a new range of smalls that you can wear for weeks without washing. You might be thinking that's downright gross, but because the pants treated with the same anti-microbial silver formula that's used by NASA to purify water in the International Space Station, they promise to remain whiff-free. Turns out you can be clean and green.

1. Fortune favours the Fearless Girl 


Proving just what it takes to get into advertising these days, Twitter was set ablaze this week when McCann Bristol tweeted a photo of an enterprising young lass standing outside their offices in a recreation of McCann NY's famous Fearless Girl statue. After smearing herself from head to toe in gold body-paint (and presumably praying she didn't meet the same fate as the Bond girl in Goldfinger), advertising graduate Jade Delaney  took up the distinctive hands-on-hips stance for several hours outside the agency, in hopes of scoring a job. Luckily, her efforts paid off and she's been offered a month's placement - so went off to celebrate in true British style with a slap-up meal at Nando's. We predict this (fearless) girl will go far...