Today, the British Arrows announced the launch of its British Arrows Doorway (BAD), an initiative aimed at diversifying the industry and getting more of the UK's young creative talent through the door.

Targetting BAME nationalities specifically, BAD will provide more opportunities for youngsters looking for jobs in the creative sector. 

By partnering with bespoke recruitment services, young people will be able to easily connect with companies and join onto training programmes to equip them with relevant skills and offer them advice on breaking into the industry. 

British Arrows MD Janey de Norwall is leading the scheme, following 12 months of research, and is intent on changing pre-conceptions of the industry to get more young people excited about the prospect of considering advertising as a career option.

“Whilst our wonderfully diverse UK population is finally being represented fairly on the advertising screen, sadly this is still not reflected behind the scenes," she says. "The good news is that this industry is now actively seeking to hire new talent from all backgrounds but the irony is that much of this demographic doesn’t even know an advertising industry exists! So how does this industry engage with this group of un-found talent and encourage them to see the advertising industry as a fulfilling career?”

To find out more about BAD, visit its website and explore the breadth of the industry through its online guide here.