Andrea Ciarla has returned to Filmmaster Productions as executive producer in the Milan office, after two years away from the company.

Ciarla’s return is a welcome homecoming under the Filmmaster umbrella. For four years Ciarla managed the Dubai office of Filmmaster, relaunching the brand in the UAE whilst working with important international directors, producing different types of contents: commercials, advertising services, cinema, television and new communication channels.

Ciarla began his career as executive producer at New Partners, before moving to Filmmaster MEA in 2012. 

"Andrea is a great professional and we are very happy Filmmaster got him back on the team,” said Lorenzo Cefis, CEO of Filmmaster Productions. “He already perfectly knows the team and our production model: this will definitely facilitate the processes so Andrea is going to step into Filmmaster Productions in a very consistent and steady way. The proven experience of Andrea and his great knowledge of the international market will add value to Filmmaster Productions as a whole.”

"I am very happy to be part of the Filmmaster team,” adds Ciarla. “During my Filmmaster experience in Dubai we had many points of convergence with the office here in Milan, so I hope my return will give continuity and stamina to the whole team.”

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