07.00 JST: On set in Tokyo, Shibuya Crossing, with my HALAL Berlin partner-in-crime Sara Nix and photographer Philippe Vogelenzang.


09.00 JST: On the plane back to Berlin with a random guy sleeping between us for 11 hrs. Lovely.


09.00 CET: Straight off the plane from Japan, to preparing for the opening party of HALAL Berlin.


10.15 CET: The two bosses, Gijs and Gijs, arriving from Amsterdam and are ready to help build up.


12.00 CET: Yes, we were literally BUILDING the office the same day of the opening party.


13:30 CET: People are arriving from Amsterdam, and they're obviously less stressed about getting the office ready than me. Lotte, Olya, Wyne, Ezra, Lauren and Brigitte are enjoying the first day of spring/summer at District Mot...


14.00 CET: .... pizza, beers and build-up for me!


18.00 CET: Partytime. Me being being happy on the street.


18.45 CET: Our corner! We share office with our lovely friends at Sizzer, and this is their Berlin MD, Nikolai van der Burg.


19.00 CET: Getting our sign up (taking party entertainment to the next level, right?) 


20.20 CET: Party crowd, and the sign is UP!


21.20 CET: Police shutting us down (but first they took some selfies).


22.05 CET: Me and Sara relieved, end of party.


07.00 CET: Parting with some of the Amsterdam team who're already on their way back.


Sometime that day - me being dazed and confused in between time-zones, offices and parties.

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