We all love a good talent show, but admittedly, one of the best parts of tuning in is to watch the bad talent too.

This is the idea behind a series of idents from Brothers and Sisters for uSwitch, which shows several below-average talents, including a hoola hooper who can't hoola for more than three seconds, a rap group with awkward dance moves and a ventriloquist who speaks with her mouth moving. 




The idents will support UK talent series, Britain's Got Talent, although they'll promote price comparison site, uSwitch. Obviously using the uSwitch app to save money is a talent everyone posesses.

The campaign will air tomorrow on 14 April, before the Royal Variety Show's series premiere.

“These idents are a nod to all those performers who put themselves out there and give it their all, no matter how talented they are," says Will Flack, executive creative director at Brothers and Sisters.

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