08.00: This is how you know you’re in LA.


09.00: Tech scout on stage 3...


... and a partially-built set - I’ve been told the person pointing is the one in charge.



12.00: Sushi lunchbox - comes with instructions… I got confused halfway through and freestyled instead.


14.00: A meeting at the special effects house.


Places like this are my favourite - every tool you could ever need, along with welders - tanks of gas and all sorts of contraptions to make things fly. It’s like a giant playhouse. Here’s an amazing collection of brooms, mops, rakes… and coloured powder that we’re about to launch with a cannon.


In my opinion you can never go wrong with a rainbow. I’m picking confetti colours and testing that coloured powder - turns out this stuff is made of cornstarch - also turns out if you put the colours too close together they just go grey.


15.00: FaceTime and special effects-heavy text messages from my kids.


16.00: Shadows and sunshine.


18.00: When in LA: manicure.


20.00: More amazing Japanese food with an old friend. This was a really fun day…

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